Thursday, May 30, 2013

Picnic at the Park

Holy (*#&$%!  It's me.  Posting.  What!

It's been extremely hard being a single mom of three little girls while Adam is gone.  I. am. exhausted. overwhelmed. cranky. and twenty other things.  Which isn't to say I've fallen off the wagon.  I am actually eating well.  We're Paleo 95% of the time, but I have not cut out the sugars and starches that I need to cut out in order to lose weight.  For now I'll just leave it at that!

I started up a Natural Living Group here in Fort Bliss and it's been slow going to say the least.  Not like the NLG - Graf in Germany that has nearly 180 members now!  We're getting there though... Today we had a Picnic Potluck at the Park.

I made a yummy ambrosia fruit salad using coconut cream and a curried chicken salad:

Terrible quality pics I know.  We were sitting under a yellow tent, haha.  I promise they tasted better than they looked.

My friend Shannon brought some delicious oatmeal, chocolate chip, craisin cookies.  She is so, so supportive of my Paleo diet and always asks me if what she's making is ok <3 

Sarah went to town on the cookies.  In fact, I'm pretty sure that's all she had for lunch:

And my former NLG - Graf buddy, Jenessa is stationed here now too, woohoo!  She is Vegan so I always look forward to what creative non-paleo goodness she brings :D  She makes some bomb cashew cheese... with crackers... om nom nom.  I tell her that every time I see her I think.  She brought salsa, chimichurri, and black bean hummus: 

A lot of my fellow Paleoers have the hardest time giving up dairy.  I don't care about dairy.  Sure sometimes I'll crave some yogurt (and ok my Ben & Jerry's too), but I can live without it no big deal.  Pasta, I don't care about.  Bread is seriously a thing of the past.  I've even gotten over my cold cereal addiction.  But what I actually have the hardest time with is... beans.  I love me some hummus.  So naturally I was pretty thrilled to get to eat some today!

If it weren't for the fact that they make me feel absolutely *terrible* I would probably not follow this part of the Paleo diet.  Unfortunately fortunately they do so I almost always pass on the beans.  In fact, this is only the second time in *eight months* that I have eaten them!

The kids had fun at the park (shaded by a blue tent haha):

Calliegh and Becca with their friend Caiden.

And here's my goofy, little cheeseball:

 This is how she always smiles now.  And to prove it, here's a picture I took last Sunday at the same park:

Silly girl!

This little guy made a few rounds to pick up crumbs:

We had a fun day with delicious food and great company!  I look forward to more of them :)

I do apologize for my lack of posts... honestly, truly.  I hope to write a more detailed post in the future about what is going on with me, but I make no promises on when that will be.  I do hope to get you guys a recipe on the fruit and chicken salads soon though!

What is one food that you had a hard time giving up?


  1. One food? I can do short spurts without one thing or another, but to virtually swear off ice cream, chocolate milk (I don't know why I'm so hooked on Ovaltine!...I only have it at breakfast....something to do with it being filling), fancy or homemade bread (oh, Panera...), and pasta. I've cut down on the pasta without issue, but it's still a dish I love. In fact, we had spaghetti tonight. :P Beans I'm good without; I've never been a big fan. I'm so glad to hear you started another natural living group!

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