Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day 259 - A Cooking Disaster

I probably come off a little over-confident in the kitchen.  My food is [mostly] pretty awesome.  I'm all-around just a great cook.  I'm owning every bit of it.  So, the following may please you...

This is what breakfast was supposed to look like:

Paleo Mom's paleo pancakes.

Don't those look amazing?!  These are Paleo Mom's perfect pancakes.  I was so excited to see this recipe that I totally didn't care I didn't have two green plantains like the recipe calls for.  I could improvise.  I was going to make this happen with good ol' bananas.

Or was I...?

My paleo pancakes.

I don't care how many pancakes you've made in your life.  Paleo pancakes are a science.  Follow directions!  I totally went to the store after this disaster and got green plantains so I could follow her recipe to a T.  Will follow up with a hopefully successful... you know... actual pancake soon.  Meanwhile, it did make a pretty tasty mush:


Breakfast: Mush, grilled kielbasa, and cantaloupe.

Yes, it looks quite questionable, but my kiddos all had thirds!  There must be a way to make this a smooth hot cereal... hmm...

Lunch: Fajitas.

If I didn't learn my lesson from dinner last night, I sure learned it today for lunch.  I felt miserable again.  The less grains I eat the more sensitive I am to them.

After lunch we finally made it to Sprouts.  Totally made my day.  I <3 that store.  I was amazed by their selection of fresh produce.  I wanted it all!  Just take a peek in my kitchen:

My overflowing fridge.

The berries were a ridiculous price.  A good kind of ridiculous.  The strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries were all 2/$3!  Tomorrow I have a delicious strawberry dessert recipe for you guys!

My surprisingly still-hanging basket.

They had purple potatoes.  Calliegh was so excited.  Can't wait to make those for her!

Top of the fridge.

We get sooo many bananas at a time.  I like to wait until they're nice and spotted.  Then I peel, break in half, and freeze for smoothies, etc...


 They also had these dark chocolate bars bogo.  How could I pass that up?  Adam and I split them to try out the two different flavors.  Well "split"... I haven't seen my other half yet...

Dinner: Jerk Pork Burger + Island-Style Coleslaw, with sweet potato chips.

Dinner was the bomb.  After all, I had to build up my culinary confidence again after the morning's breakfast fiasco...

What's your most surprising cooking disaster?  What did you learn from it?

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